If you think you can sing, then record your voice to one of the songs on this website and forward the file ("voice sample") in wav or mp3 format to REAL LIVE MARTIANS via email attachment. REAL LIVE MARTIANS will acknowledge receipt of your submission. REAL LIVE MARTIANS will review your voice sample and will either choose not to use your voice sample, will request another recording of your voice, or will incorporate your voice sample into a pre-released song and submit the song for public comment. Thereafter, REAL LIVE MARTIANS will release the final version of the song based upon a combination of public vote and public comment. REAL LIVE MARTIANS may elect to release a final version without public vote or comment. If your voice sample is used in the final released version, REAL LIVE MARTIANS will pay you a one time fee US$100.00 for your voice sample. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, your submission of your voice sample, and payment therefor, constitutes your acknowledgment and agreement that your voice sample is a product provided by you under a strictly work for hire agreement, that you do not retain any rights to the song, and that you have agreed to accept a one-time payment of US$100.00 in exchange for providing your voice sample to REAL LIVE MARTIANS for use in a musical collective work.